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The BIA Difference

Why Bethesda International Academy?
Parents select BIA for their child for a variety of reasons. We believe that our Engaging, Nurturing and Transforming Experience sets us apart from other schools in the community.

                                                  What does the BIA Difference offer?
















Founded in 1952, BIA is a Christian school that inspires learners with creative academic opportunities through exceptional instruction which engages the mind, nurtures the spirit and transforms the world, through a firm foundation of academics and faith.

Christian Worldview

 At the heart of a BIA education is the foundation of a Christian worldview that is integrated throughout every class, sport, performance or activity. Every student at BIA is challenged to grow in their spiritual walk through compelling chapels, service projects, and Christ-centered role models.


Safety is our first job. At BIA, we work very hard to protect every student’s physical, emotional, social, and spiritual safety.

Comprehensive Education

Beginning in preschool, and culminating in 8th grade, students can experience a BIA education in one school. Comprehensive Education gives our students opportunities to mentor and grow with one another.

Challenging Academics

At BIA, we take our academic program seriously by providing students with a challenging education that prepares them for their high school years and beyond.

Nurturing Community

Students at BIA become part of a nurturing community that is focused on the individual. The relationships that are formed create an atmosphere of a family away from home.

Outstanding Faculty

Not only are our faculty passionate about their faith, but they are also committed to installing a love for learning in the classroom and engaging students in the pursuit of knowledge and truth. 

Extra-Curricular Activites

At BIA, we offer our students a variety of extra-curricular activities that are suited for students of all levels. Our athletic program allows the opportunity to participate in a competitive setting, while our music and art program inspires creativity and allows students to pursue their crafts in an informal setting.

Community Service

Serving our community is an integral part of the life of the BIA family. Our students learn compassion and how their actions can make a difference.

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