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Bethesda International Academy exists to prepare young followers of Jesus Christ as they develop academically, physically, socially, and spiritually. Our program is fully accredited and developmentally appropriate. 

BIA  Preschool recognizes that each child has been purposefully created in the image of God with unique gifts and abilities.  This means that we are continually identifying the developmental stage of each child in all areas of development:

  • cognitive

  • social

  • emotional

  • physical

  • spiritual

From there, we intentionally design play centers, projects, games, and literacy activities to support young learners as they progress to the next developmental stage.

Bethesda International Academy Preschool values play. We know that play nurtures every aspect of a child’s development. Through play, children establish the foundational intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills needed for success in school and life. Children are learning when they build with blocks, paint a picture, swing on a swing, or make-believe. During play, children try new things, solve problems, create, test ideas, and explore.

  • Our preschool students have a Christian faith-integrated curriculum.

  • Each day begins with prayer and devotions.

  • Our preschool students also worship the Lord through singing and learn a Bible story each day.

  • Our faith integration is not limited to Bible time. The children learn about God and his love throughout their day.


  • Hands-on approach and a discovery-based learning experience

  • Basic reading and math skills are introduced and practiced 

  • Educational games and manipulatives give students a chance to learn through play

  • Students participate in daily recess either outside (weather permitting) or in the gym.

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