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Bethesda International Academy is a 1:1 model for student technology use. This initiative ensures that each student has the tools necessary to do the increasingly collaborative and dynamic work that is at the heart of a robust 21st Century education – in the same way, our math students who bring calculators to class have the tools they need for that work. Using a range of powerful digital tools, students are able to collaborate online as well as in class to discover, create, problem-solve, and leverage as never before the power of both in-class and online experiences. 1-to-1 access allows for what is often called a Blended Learning Environment, which seeks to take the best of in-class practices and complement them with the best in online learning strategies. 

Bethesda International Academy teaches technology throughout the entire curriculum.

As we use technology to more fully explore God’s world, we also strive to master it. We master technology by thinking critically about how we use it in our everyday lives, and we master technology by learning the skills needed to use it efficiently and effectively. We call this technological literacy.

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