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“My daughter is in the preschool program at Bethesda International Academy. Bethesda has truly been a gift to our family. I cannot express enough how happy we are there. The school has a small, nurturing, family-like environment. It warms my heart to see the older students interacting positively with the younger students and vice versa. The class sizes are small so students receive highly personalized attention. My daughter’s teacher is phenomenal. She is such a kind, nurturing, and enthusiastic educator. She creates a play-based, child-centered, exploratory classroom. My daughter has learned through sensory-motor activities such as; painting to music, growing plants, and using interesting materials for physics experiments! Her teacher creates a wonderful rapport with parents, working with us to enhance our child’s strengths and finding solutions for her challenges. In addition, Bethesda is incredibly diverse both racially and culturally which has made for a wonderful experience for our family. I highly recommend Bethesda to any prospective family.”

 - Julie A.

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